2-Day Workshop on

Optimizing Program and Service Delivery via Improved Operational Costing

This two-day workshop, developed and delivered by Landmark Decisions and hosted by CloseReach, is offered to assist organizations better understand the critical success factors associated with driving a “Business Process Improvement” culture in their organizations. Through the use of real-world examples and an interactive “hands-on” case study, participants come away with “ready to apply” tips, techniques, and templates to either initiate or enhance efficiency or operational/service costing initiatives in their own organizations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to initiate, align, and sustain activity-based planning (ABP) and improved operational costing in your organization 
  • Develop “hands-on” experience in building meaningful resource management and operational planning and costing models
  • Appreciate the value of planning in a collaborative environment to improve the long-term sustainability of the enterprise
  • Understand the role of ABP technology using a new process modeling and operational costing module on the Qualiware platform, Collaborative Business Planning (CBP), for visualization, calculation and scenario playing purposes

Who Should Attend and Why?

This workshop provides both foundational training on developing high quality business process/cost management content and how a leading-edge ABP software like CBP can be used to help organizations better collaborate to improve organizational performance. It will benefit:

  • Strategic managers tasked with charting future organizational impacts
  • Operational managers needing to better understand resource capacity requirements for doing more with less 
  • Financial and resource management personnel responsible for costing or budgeting

When and Where?

Wednesday & Thursday, June 24-25, 2020

CloseReach Training Facility

440 Laurier Street West, Suite 200, Ottawa ON  K1R 7X6

To Register or for more Information:


or contact Mike Haley, Landmark Decisions at mhaley@landmark.ca or 1.902.499.5425

Instructor led training with computer-based case study

Instructor led training with computer-based case study

For More Information, download our 2-page workshop outline